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Acceligence Ltd.

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ACCELIGENCE Ltd. (ACCELI), established in 2019 and headquartered in Cyprus, is an innovative SME engaged in cutting-edge R&D activities with a specific focus on Unmanned Automated Vehicles, haptics, and other robotic solutions. Our company provides fully custom and ‘open’ platforms and solutions, adaptable to the specific needs of any project or product, and equipped with various components such as sensors, analytics, and actuators. ACCELI’s expertise is rooted in over 15 years of involvement in the relevant technological and technical markets.

Role in XTRACT Project :

ACCELIGENCE Ltd. (ACCELI) serves as the Dissemination and Communication Manager for the XTRACT project. Beyond this fundamental role, ACCELI also plays a crucial role as a technical partner responsible for UAV provision and oversees project exploitation.

As the Dissemination and Communication Manager, ACCELI is dedicated to effectively disseminating and communicating the project’s outcomes. Our primary objective is to convey knowledge about the XTRACT project to the public in a clear and accessible manner, amplifying its impact and engaging relevant stakeholders. Through our efforts, we aim to enhance the visibility of the XTRACT project and its actions.

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