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Bureau de recherches geologiques et minieres

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BRGM, the French geological survey, is France’s leading public institution for Earth Science applications for the management of surface and sub-surface resources with a view to sustainable development. Its action is oriented towards scientific research, support for public policies and international cooperation. BRGM has strong expertise in the field of biotechnologies for the processing of mineral resources, and on sustainability assessment for responsible raw materials supply. Its work relies on multidisciplinary research teams combined with experimental facilities for R&D and industrial developments. 

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BRGM is involved in the Resource recovery and waste assessment framework. Its primary role is to develop innovative technologies for sustainable recovery of strategic and critical metals. Focus is on the production of microbial-produced iron-rich leachate for in-situ mineral bioleaching and on a proof of concept bioleaching approach for treating and securing mine tailings while recovering value metals   

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