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Lietuvos Agrariniu Ir Misku Mokslu Centras

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LAMMC Laboratory of Forest Plant Biotechnology works on improving forest plant health and growth, making sure that the current and future forests are better prepared to adapt to the fast-changing environment in a sustainable manner. We are currently working on phytoremediation for cleaning up persistent organic pollutants (e.g., PAHs). We work with trees at all growth stages (in vitro, hydroponic, greenhouse, in situ, etc.) and can supply fundamental and applied knowledge about forestry-related enterprises.

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The proposed phytomining technique involves using trees to extract metals from the soil. The harvested trees can then be processed to recover the metals. LAMMC team will be responsible for the selection of the most suitable tree species and creating a suitable planting technology to determinate the effect of different metals and their concentrations have on plant growth, development and physiology.

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