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Muon Solutions is a deep-tech firm providing density scanning services for diverse applications. Our muographic technology can provide 2D and 3D density profiles of large targets, such as mountains, volcanoes, ore bodies, bedrock faults, buildings, or ruins. Muography is a passive method utilising naturally occurring muon particles, making our service non-invasive, safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. We at Muon Solutions are experts in designing and manufacturing muon detectors, as well as in analysing and interpreting the geologic meaning of the acquired data. 

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For XTRACT, Muon Solutions develops a new borehole muon detector system for density-mapping of historical waste rock stockpiles and tailings heaps. The piloted technology will be highly automated and intelligent. Our aim is to identify previously overlooked sources of sustainable raw materials, which can be re-processed with current extraction technologies, reducing the need for new mining operations. 

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