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Etaireia Axiopoiiseos Kai Diacheiriseos Tis Periousias Tou Ethnikou Metsoviou Polytechneiou

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Lavrion Technology and Cultural Park (LTCP) operates as an individual legal entity of private right under the corporate name of “National Technical University of Athens Asset Management and Development Corporation (NTUA-AMDC/LTCP). AMDC/LTCP is an organization for the promotion of cooperation among scientific research, education, business, and cultural communities. It aims at linking scientific and technological research, with the needs and interests of the entrepreneurial world. The LTCP is, moreover, an inviting site for multiple cultural events and activities and possesses a huge experience in conducting large scale environmental & technical projects

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NTUA/AMDC will be primary responsible for Pilots’ implementation and realization. NTUA/AMDC will also offer a pilot site in Lavrion Ancient Silver Mines, Attica Region, Greece, focusing on the implementation of risk assessment, social and environmental criteria for the selection of the appropriate remediation/ metal extraction technologies, including phytomining solutions and phytoremediation.

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