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Saxore Bergbau GmbH

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Saxore Bergbau GmbH, established in 2011, is a junior mining company based in Freiberg, Germany. As a subsidiary of First Tin PLC, dedicated to developing sustainable mining projects worldwide, Saxore holds a concession for one of the world’s best-explored tin deposits, known as the Tellerhäuser Project. The asset’s location is ideal to deliver sustainable and conflict-free tin, indium and other high-tech metals in the future. Committed to best-in-class environmental responsibility, we adhere to a ‘leave no trace’ philosophy, employing low carbon and low waste production methods. We will supply tin units into fast-growth global industries, which have a high requirement for this critical metal.

Role in XTRACT Project :

Saxony has extensively explored polymetallic deposits of high-tech raw materials, which are included in the EU lists of strategic and critical raw materials (e.g. tin, indium, copper). As concession holder we are able to provide polymetallic ore for the leaching experiments. Saxore is an ideal industry partner for this project with expertise in modern and conventional processing methods for complex polymetallic ores.

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