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The Technical University of Crete (TUC) is a rather new Academic Institution; however, a fast growing university, which consists of five Schools. TUC was established in 1977 and admitted students for the first time in Fall of 1984. TUC encompasses 57 laboratories with excellent infrastructure, spread over the different schools. The Industrial and Digital Innovation Research Group (indigo) of the School of Production Engineering & Management and the Laboratory of Environmental Engineering and Management (LEEM) of the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering are in charge of the work to be undertaken within XTRACT.  

Indigo team carries out applied research and development that traverse four pillars, Process Engineering, Circular Economy, Environmental Engineering and Digital Innovation, applied to various production and supply systems incl. Industrial, Agricultural, Energy and Water. The mission is to apply research activities to develop and apply new and innovative solutions, at the intersection of Production Systems and Information and Communication Technologies, for delivering high-value services in dynamically changing environments. The vision is to advance  the state of the art through leading edge research and development in industrial and digital technologies. 

The aim of the LEEM is to promote the scientific research in the field of environmental engineering, ecological technologies and sustainable management of water resources, wastewater and by-products, as well as to generally contribute to the knowledge and understanding of environmental management through collaborations in research projects. Alongside courses teaching, the aim of the Laboratory is the training in laboratory equipment and methods in the scientific area of the Laboratory, the preparation of undergraduate and postgraduate theses of students and conducting fundamental and applied research independently or within the framework of funded research projects. 

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TUC leads WP5 “XTRACT Resource recovery and waste assessment framework” as well as T8.4 Environmental and social sustainability of XTRACT technological solutions”and T8.5 Carbon foot-printing and circularity signature of XTRACT technological solutions”. TUC is also  a technology provider for T4.4 / T5.4 XTRACT Phytomining – Phytoremediation solutionthrough the use of hyperaccumulator plants.

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