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Technische Universitaet Bergakademie Freiberg

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UNPARALLEL is a Portuguese SME that develops and sells products ranging from hardware devices to software/web solutions having research at the core to guarantee continuous innovation based on up-to-date scientific-technical knowledge. Main target markets include Internet of Things, Industrial IoT, Smart Industry/Factories, Agri-food instrumentation, Smart Cities solutions, Water-smart Systems, Consumer Products, etc. UNPARALLEL key competences brought to XTRACT: Integration of both/mixed software and hardware technologies; Design and engineering of electronic systems with special emphasis on sensing technologies; Data technologies development including data acquisition, data integration/interoperability, edge computing, etc.; Digital infrastructure technology provider; etc. 

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In XTRACT, UNPARALLEL will be working on the development of reconfigurable UAVs for Hard-to-Reach and Underground Mine Sites Surveillance by performing the integration of electromagnetic survey systems and miniaturized X-ray fluorescence systems for wide-scale accurate geochemical surveying of mining wastes. It will further support the deployment, piloting, and validation of such systems and data analytics at the São Domingos Mine (Iberian Pyrite Belt, Portugal). 

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