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Universidad de Salamanca

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Created in 2005, the research group TIDOP (Information Technologies for the Intelligent Digitization of Objects and Processes), belonging to the Department of Cartographic and Terrain Engineering of the University of Salamanca, joins its efforts around 3 main pillars: the geospatial industry, renewable energies and the analysis of structures and materials. 

 Characterized by having a multidisciplinary composition, with members specialized in different fields: geomatics, computing, industrial engineering, civil engineering and architecture. One of the main strengths of the TIDOP group is its transfer of technology with more than 12 patents and 32 intellectual properties. Awarded both internationally and nationally on numerous occasions, it is one of the research groups with the greatest scientific production at the University of Salamanca. 

 As a result, the TIDOP research group works in different research projects in collaboration with leading companies in the industrial sector within the fields of aerospatial engineering, energy, security, transport and infrastructure, among others. 

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Within these aspects, it is worth noting the involvement of the research group in the application of advanced multimodal techniques in classification of difficult mineral contexts and the adaptation of traditional geophysical long-distance and borehole logging techniques to drone-mounted sensors. Furthermore, USAL will be leading WP3, focused on the Understanding the stage of raw materials extraction and resource recovery. 

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