Pilot 1 : Tellerhäuser - Germany

Pilot Case Study - Tellerhäuser, Germany

Bioleaching of sulphide ores from Tellerhäuser deposit



The Tellerhäuser deposit is located in the Erzgebirge, Germany and is one of the best explored world class tin deposits. Mining has been carried out in the area already in medieval times. Recent exploration of the Tellerhäuser deposit gave new insights in the polymetallic skarn mineralisation hosting critical and strategic raw materials (e.g. Zn-Fe-Sn-Cu-In). Saxore is concession holder and is planning a sustainable underground mine. Operation is planned to commence from 2026. Saxore is a junior mining company which will produce sustainable, ethical and reliable tin in conflict free, low political risk jurisdiction. With the “leave no trace” philosophy Saxore will support the current global clean energy and technological transition. Saxore is supporting a decarbonized future and is committed to best-in-class environmental responsibility by setting up local mine-to-metal value chains.

While mining of the main ore body with the conventional methods is economically feasible, metal recovery from low-grade sulfide mineralization is technically challenging. Therefore, bioleaching will be explored as alternative method to recover metals from these sulfide minerals. Tailings, containing significant metal concentrations, will be treated by bioleaching in order to reduce loses of valuable metals. Saxore expects to improve overall process recovery while reducing energy and consumables.


  • Establishment and optimization of bioleaching technology (biomining)
  • Implementation of sustainable methods for metal recovery

Pilot KPIs

Production performance Energy consumption savings Resources’ consumption savings Emissions
  • Minimization of non-eco-friendly processes for metals recovery
  • Increase of mineral recovery

  • Energy saving on mineral extraction
  • Minimally invasive procedure

  • Decrease of emissions

Services to be Validated

  • Optimization of metal recovery
  • Better utiliastion of ore Ressource

Partner Roles

  • Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (TUBAF) – Technology development and implementation
  • BRGM – Technology development and implementation
  • Saxore Bergbau GmbH – Concession holder, technology implementation

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 101138432

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