Pilot 2 : Björkdal - Sweden

Pilot Case Study - Björkdal, Sweden

Björkdalsgruvan AB



The Björkdal mine uses narrow sub-level stopping to extract the ore, which considering the number of ore bodies, puts a large demand on both the planning and extraction process that must be both accurate and efficient to survive on the market. The success of the narrow vein mining technique used are closely depending on the ability to drill long, straight production holes. To solve or improve these challenges, would also improve the possibilities to excavate other narrow, thin, vertical mineralisation in Europe. In this pilot site, the MWD system will be installed on production drill rigs. The main objectives that will be showed and reported in the Live document is the overall mining process optimization, fragmentation optimization by less hole deviation, blast optimisation by accurate rock mass characterisation, improved ore recovery due to straighter bore holes and reduced side rock dilution due to straighter bore holes.


  • Establishment and testing of phytoremediation solutions and concurrent metal phytomining using trees
  • Implementation and testing bioleaching methods for metal recovery (at least 5 lab scale demonstration for the tailings)
  • Implementation of circular economy methods for metal recovery
  • Recovery of natural environment of abandoned mine

Services to be Validated

  • Overall mining process optimization
  • Fragmentation optimization by less hole deviation
  • Blast optimisation by accurate rock mass characterisation
  • Improved ore recovery due to straighter bore holes
  • Reduced side rock dilution due to straighter bore holes

Partner Roles

  • Björkdal – Mine Owner, Technology Implementation
  • LTU – Drilling automation technology provider
  • UNP – Digital Infrastructure technology provider
  • ACCELI – UAV-aided underground mapping and survey technology provider

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 101138432

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