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The XTRACT technological pathways to a lower mining emission future are addressing well-identified emission intensive points of the current mining value chain. XTRACT will add a highly innovative new alternative to the toolbox of how stockpiles and tailings are assessed, relieving the pressure on resources and contributing to the realisation of EU Climate Neutrality Goals, with a significant benefit of emission reduction.


XTRACT will introduce low-TRL green technologies of phytoextraction and phytoremediation, particularly appropriate for mining waste piles and abandoned sites, that represent a solution for mine waste remediation but also for the extraction and recovery of various precious metals.



  • tech_01
    Advanced Multimodal Techniques in Classification of Difficult Mineral Contexts
  • tech_02
    New borehole detector system for density-mapping of waste rock stockpiles and tailings heaps, including software tools
  • tech_3
    Real-Time Ore Grade Assessment from Drill Monitoring
  • tech_4
    Sustainability Assessment Framework based on Applied LCA, Carbon Footprinting and Circularity indicators
  • tech_5
    Novel In-Situ Bioleaching Eco-Friendly Technology for the Recovery of Strategic and Critical Metals
  • tech_6
    XTRACT Novel Membrane Filtration Technology for Higher Metal Recovery, Water and Waste-Water Treatment
  • tech_7
    XTRACT Novel Airborne Geophysical-Electromagnetic System
  • tech_8
    XTRACT Reconfigurable UAV System
  • tech_9
    XTRACT Surface and Underground Mine Mapping System
  • tech_10
    Ground and Air-borne remote sensing and analysis system for Tailings Content Assessment
  • tech_11
    XTRACT Drilling Performance Optimisation System
  • tech12
    Electrodialysis and Processability Index

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 101138432

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